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Butternut, Sausage and Pear RISOTTO

Butternut, Sausage and Pear Risotto is perfect comfort food. Think creamy risotto combined with caramelized butternut squash, sausage and pear. Supplies: Oven safe skillet  Ingredients: 280 grams Arborio rice (about 70 grams per person) 500 grams butternut squash 1 pear 200 grams sausage (2 links)  50 grams yellow onion (half of a medium onion)  1/4 […]

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Succulent Pear Desserts

Succulent Pear Desserts If you like pears, you will love these dressed up pear desserts.  Chocolate or Cheese filled will be question of which to make first.  Each dessert is unique in it’s own way and by the end of the video your mouth will be watering.  Hey, you might even run out to the […]

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Torta cioccolato e pere

Torta cioccolato e pere Torta cioccolato e pere Ingredients 260 g flour                                                                                       […]

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Homemade pear and Gorgonzola ravioli

Homemade pear and Gorgonzola ravioli Ingredients Serves: 4 40g butter 2 ripe pears – peeled, cored and cubed 3 sprigs fresh thyme 200g Gorgonzola cheese or other blue cheese 450g fresh pasta dough Video and recipe courtesy of All recipes UK Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life – […]

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