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Brioche with Brie, Honey and Thyme

Brioche with Brie, Honey and Thyme is a quick and easy crowd pleasing treat everyone will enjoy! Supplies: 9″pie plate or baking dish Rolling pin Parchment paper Ingredients: 600 grams (store bought or homemade brioche) Supplies for Homemade brioche: Mixer  Food storage container with lid Flexible rubber spatula Strong plastic spatula Ingredients: Pre-ferment: 35 grams water  […]

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Succulent Pear Desserts

Succulent Pear Desserts If you like pears, you will love these dressed up pear desserts.  Chocolate or Cheese filled will be question of which to make first.  Each dessert is unique in it’s own way and by the end of the video your mouth will be watering.  Hey, you might even run out to the […]

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