Torta cookies con Ricotta e Nutella

Torta cookies con Ricotta e Nutella


20-22 cm cake:

300 g of flour,

150 g of sugar,

100 g of butter,

1 egg,

8 g of yeast,

a pinch of salt,


2 tablespoons of powdered sugar,

250 g of ricotta,

120 g of Nutella,

50 g of chocolate chips


Place the egg, sugar, flour, butter at room temperature, pinch of salt, vanilla and yeast in a large bowl.
Knead quickly with your hands until you get a loose mixture and large crumbs.
Use half of the dough to line the bottom of a cake tin (covered with parchment paper).
Press well with your hands to compact the base of the cake.
Work the ricotta with icing sugar and mix until creamy
Spread the ricotta cream on the base of the cake
Cover with a layer of nutella.
Add the remaining dough and inside it add the chocolate chips. Mix with your hands to distribute them evenly.
Use the remaining dough to cover the cake maintaining its consistency to crumbs.
Bake at 350 ° F for about 45 minutes and it will begin until the surface of the cake is golden.


Video from youtube courtesy of Rita’s Kitchen

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