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Crab and Prosecco Linguine

Crab and Prosecco Linguine Here’s an easy and delicious recipe for crab and prosecco linguine.  What’s even better is that this video shows it being made in beautiful Venice.  Enjoy!  Video courtesy of itv Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life – Anna Akhmatova

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Prosecco Van

Prosecco Van Everyone has heard of the ice cream truck and you may have also heard of the cannoli cart,(video for cannoli cart is here)  but here comes the prosecco van!  This London based company tours the UK selling Italian prosecco on tap.  If you’re hosting a party, wedding or any kind of event, this […]

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Prosecco Punch

Prosecco Punch Prosecco Punch is the perfect summer drink whether you are hosting a party or relaxing in your backyard.  Here are 2 refreshing versions guaranteed to please! Pineapple Peach Prosecco Punch Ingredients  3 c. pineapple juice 3 c. Seltzer water 1 bottle prosecco 1 c. Vanilla Vodka 2 c. sliced pineapple 2 peaches, thinly […]

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Drinking, Pouring & Holding Wine Glasses

Drinking, Pouring & Holding Wine Glasses This video explains how to hold glasses used for red and white wine as well as champagne.  There are also tips on how to pour wine and champagne and a good tip for the ladies in how to avoid lip stick stains on your glass! JOIN US ON THE […]

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Cocktails recipes with Prosecco

Cocktails recipes with Prosecco This video shows a bunch of of cocktails that can be made using prosecco. Want more? Here are some more prosecco recipes for desserts and more! . Video from youtube Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life – Anna Akhmatova

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Italy’s Sparkling Wines

Italy’s Sparkling Wines Sparkling wines are made throughout Italy but the Italian sparkling wines most widely seen on the world market are the Franciacorta from Lombardy, Asti from Piedmont, Lambrusco from Emilia and Prosecco from Veneto. The Trento DOC is also famous. Though Franciacorta wines are made according to the traditional method, most Italian sparkling […]

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