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Pizzette Pizzette are served all over Italy and are offered with many different toppings.  They are commonly eaten as a snack or during aperitivo in Italy. Here’s a video recipe so you can make them at home too! INGREDIENTS 500 g of flour 10 g of brewer’s yeast 250 ml of milk 5 g of […]

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Aperitivo in Florence

Aperitivo in Florence Aperitivo is a nightly ritual which usually takes place between 7 pm and 9pm.  It is also referred to as Apericena because it is a before dinner drink combined with food.  Some restaurants offer a light snack with an aperitivo while others put out a spread of food fit for a king. […]

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Limoncello Recipe

Limoncello Recipe Ingredients: 1 liter everclear or pure alcohol (96%) 7-8 lemons 400 grams sugar 800 ml water Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life – Anna Akhmatova

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Alimentari Coronari (Rome)

Alimentari Coronari (Rome) When traveling in Italy, make sure you experience the aperitivo hour. During this pre dinner time, it is customary to have an aperitivo and some snacks before going to a second location for dinner. Food offered at aperitivo hour ranges from small snacks to a buffet smorgasbord. JOIN US ON THE NEXT […]

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Aperitivo Time

Aperitivo Time Restaurants in Italy do not open until about 7:30 so there are no early bird dinners.  However, there is aperitivo time!   Many bars in Italy offer free food when you purchase an aperitivo during this pre-dinner time.  Some bars have a whole buffet of snacks available that guests can help themselves to […]

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