5 Italian Customs that Americans Have Trouble Understanding

This video by Italian for Americans covers 5 Italian Customs Americans have trouble understanding.

  1. Coffee – Americans tend to drink large coffees and take their time drinking them sitting at a table while Italians drink their small coffees fast and often standing up at a bar.
  2. Rules at restaurants – Italian follow an order of eating food at a restaurant while Americans do not.
  3. Tipping – Italians and Americans have a very different idea about the size of a tip and when it is warranted.
  4. Lines – In America, people form lines where in Italy, many shops, post offices, etc require you to take a number and not stand in a formal line.
  5. Kisses – It’s common to give a double cheek kiss in Italy even if you don’t know a person well.

Here’s the video which provides more detail on the Italian customs American have trouble understanding.

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