5 Common Pronunciation Mistakes in Italian

Pronunciation mistakes when speaking Italian will easily give you up as a non native speaker.

If you are trying to learn Italian, it is important to learn proper pronunciation. In this video by Italian for Americans, 5 common pronunciation mistakes are covered.

Pronunciation Mistakes

Single r and Double rr sounds such as in the words burro and marmelatta. The double rr sound is trilled or vibrated the tongue just behind the upper teeth. For a video to help trilling rs click here.

GN sound which is like a single sound with the g silent as in gnocchi.

GLI sound as in meglio or aglio.

The letter C – C + A, O, U is pronounced like a K as in casa while C + E, I is pronounced like CH in English as chase. When a word begins with a C which is followed by an H as in Che and Chi is pronounced as a K.

The letter G. G + A, O, U is a hard g and G + E, or I is pronounced as a soft G.

For more detail, see the below video.

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