Would YOU tie your head to your seat to get more sleep? -Relax Ally

Would YOU tie your head to your seat to get more sleep? – Relax Ally

Introducing the travel eye mask that attaches passengers to their headrests
Finnish brand Relax Ally has developed ergonomic sleeping mask
Attaches to the back of your seat to stop your head falling forwards
Prevents micro trauma resulting in pain to the neck and shoulders

The number of gadgets and sleeping aids that flood the travel market is enough to bewilder even the most experienced travellers, but a new sleep mask is here to help.
Finnish brand Active Ally Oy has come up with a new solution to an old problem.
Designers have developed a sleeping mask, Relax ALLY, that fastens to the seat behind you and prevents your head from lolling forwards or too far sideways while you snooze.

According to the brand, which launched in November 2012, the ergonomic position helps you to fall asleep and allows muscles to relax, preventing micro trauma, prolonged flexion and resulting stiffness and pain to the neck and shoulders.
It’s fully adjustable, designed to prolong sleep and costs €39 (£30). Better yet, it should prevent that awkward moment when you awake and realise you’ve nodded off on a stranger’s shoulder.

Integrated features include; a restband for better ergonomics, a sleeping mask to exclude light and a pocket with earplugs for isolating noise.

The Relax ALLY travel restband has been sold in over twenty countries but now the company wants to grow globally and is looking for equity investors through the international FundedByMe crowdfunding platform.

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