Making Reservations in Italian

If you are dining in Italy, you are bound to be making reservations in Italian. In fact, making reservations is a necessity in order to secure a table at your preferred time and restaurant in many establishments.

Making a reservation in another language, especially over the phone, can be quite intimidating. Many times the person answering the call may be busy and you might feel rushed which can be even more intimidating. So much so, you may not secure your preferred time and table location when feeling intimidated and rushed.

In this video by Kylie Flavell, you will learn exactly how to make a restaurant reservation in Italian. She takes you through the most common phrases you will need to make the reservation as well as common responses and questions you will hear from the restauranteur and finally your appropriate responses. This video explains the Italian words used and the English translation. It also provides instruction on how to secure an outside table and if by chance you happen to walk into a restaurant looking for a table without a reservation.

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