Italian words related to vacation

If you are going on vacation in Italy these Italian words related to vacation will help! From choosing your type of accommodation to requesting early or late check in and more are covered in the below video.

This video is courtesy of Italian Made Easy. Manu Venditti, 100% born and bred Italian, polyglot is a real Italian teacher with over 20 years of experience teaching Italian to English speakers. With students from all parts of the world, Manu has developed a method to learn Italian that works and that is not focused on Italian grammar and exercise, but rather on communication. With videos in slow Italian with subtitles and Italian lessons in English, you are guaranteed to “get it”.

Here are Italian words you will learn about vacation in this video. They will be repeated 3 times so you will hear the proper pronunciation and you have time so you can practice repeating them as well.

  • Vacation
  • Hotel
  • Motel
  • Single room
  • Double room
  • Twin room
  • Food provided as a part of boarding
  • Accomodation
  • Boarding
  • Camping
  • Backpack
  • Tent
  • Campervan
  • Sleeping bag
  • Hostel
  • Farmhouse
  • Book a room
  • Change reservations
  • Cancel reservations
  • Half board
  • Full board
  • Early Check in
  • Late Check out
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