Italian Elective Residence Visa

An Italian Elective Residence Visa is a visa for foreigners including those who are retired or with high self-sustaining incomes and financial assets. These people have chosen Italy as the country of permanent residence and are able to support themselves autonomously. This means without having to rely on employment while in Italy, whether as dependent employees, as self-employed employees or employees working remotely online. One cannot finance a residence in Italy through any type of work.

As indicated on the website of the Consulate Generale D’Italia Los Angeles, an applicant must submit the following when applying for an Italian Elective Residence Visa:

1) United States passport, or passport and Alien Registration Card. Passport must be valid for at least 3 (three) months beyong the validity date of the requested visa, and must have a blank page available for the visa.

2) One National (Italian) Visa Application Form, completely and clearly filled out, and to be signed in the presence of a Consular Officer.

3) Two recent passport size photographs (2×2 inches in size, full face, front view, in color).

4) A letter from the applicant where he/she specifies the reason for his/her stay in Italy, length of stay, place of residence in Italy, name of persons accompanying the applicant such as spouse and children. The signature on the letter must be notarized.

5) Documented and detailed guarantee of substantial and steady economic resources such as:

– Letters from banking institutions stating current available funds . The type of account, the account balance and monthly earnings.

These funds must be more than substantial and must generate revenues.

– Documents from other sources that will provide you with additional financial revenues. Such as Social Security pension or other type of pension, property ownership and lease agreements, business ownership and related documentation.

The visa applicant must show solid bank account/s and a set monthly income.

For example a single applicant must have a monthly income of minimum Euro 2,596.60 (at an exchange rate of $1.30 equals $3,375.58).

6) Documentation regarding dwelling in the city where you will reside: a signed rental agreement according to Italian rental regulations, , ownership of a livable apartment or home in Italy. Multiple bookings for houses/hotels and third party offer of hospitality cannot be accepted for this type of visa.

7) Certified copy of marriage certificate and birth certificate/s (of children), if it applies.

8) Handling visa fee will be paid in exact amount in cash, money order or cashier’s check made out to the Consulate General of Italy. PAYMENT METHOD: Money Order or Cashier’s Check (to the Consulate General of Italy) for the exact amount is required. Please refer to the Handling Fees for the exact amount – Cash payment will be accepted only with previous authorization, for exceptional reasons due to the impossibility of acquiring the requested payment methods.

9) Provide a self-addressed (from yourself – to yourself) pre-paid envelope (FedEx or Express Mail), if you wish to have your passport mailed back to you. The authorization form must be filled out.

Here is a video by Italian immigration attorney

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