Easy Focaccia Bread Recipe

Easy Focaccia Bread Recipe 

Focaccia is an easy bread to make and you can add many different toppings.  It’s a great on the go snack, or the perfect compliment to many meals.  Here’s a recipe with olives, rosemary and sea salt courtesy of cook, bake and taste.

– 600g bread flour

– 400ml warm water

– 140ml extra virgin olive oil (40ml for the dough / 50ml for the baking tray / 50ml to pour on the proven dough before baking) – 25g fresh yeast (or 7g dehydrated yeast)

– 15g salt –

8g caster sugar

– olives (black or green as you prefer)

– sea salt / coarse salt

– fresh rosemary

TIPS: #1: When kneading the dough, the mixture should be quite sticky. Therefore do not worry if this happens as it is expected 🙂 This will give the characteristic texture to the focaccia, once baked. #2: Use the olive oil that was poured onto the baking tray for brushing the entire surface of the dough. Make sure that every side of the dough is well-oiled. This way we will prevent that the dough dries out while proofing, which would result in hard pieces. #3: Spray the surface of the focaccia with water before baking, this will help with having a better crust on the top (the oil will do the rest 🙂 ). When baking the focaccia, place a small pan with some water into the oven and leave it there. This will give the right humidity! Once the focaccia is baked, remove it from the baking tray and let it cool down onto a cooling rack.


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