All’antico Vinaio

All’antico Vinaio is a legendary panini shop located on 4 premises on Via de Neri in Florence, Italy. Recently, a location in Milan has been opened and 2 pop up shops for a limited time of 30 days were realized in New York City and Los Angeles.

All sandwiches at All’antico vinaio are made on schiaciatta which are overfilled with your choice of homemade creams, meats, cheese and vegetables.

All'antico vinaio

For instance, here are a few selections from their menu:

La favolosa

Schiacciata con sbriciolona, crema di pecorino, crema di carciofi e melanzane piccanti

La inferno

Schiacciata con porchetta toscana, vedure (melanzane e zucchine), crema piccante N’duja e rucola

La summer

Schiacciata con prosciutto crudo toscano, mozzarella fiordilatte, pomodoro fresco e basilico

La Dante

Schiacciata con capocollo toscano, stracchino fresco, crema di tartufo e rucola

All’antico Vinaio has been visited by millions of people all over the world during vacations in Florence and of course locals in Florence too. Opening hours are every day from 11.30 to 3:00 and from 6:00 to 11:30 but there is always a very long line to sample this favorite street lover’s food. In fact, on busy days, the shop may serve 700 customers. If you don’t want to wait on the line, delivery is offered by Glovo to the local community in Florence.

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