14 things you should NEVER DO in Italy

The below video covers 14 things you should never do in Italy in a humorous manner.

There are a number of things you shouldn’t do in Italy if you don’t want to stand out as a tourist.  Standing out as a tourist can lead to confusion in getting what you really want and possibly even offend people when you have no intention of doing so.

One of the things you should be careful of in some situations is the language. Italians are very friendly people but using informal Italian with someone you just met is not really appropriate. 

When ordering coffee, drinks and food, the Italian version of what one may ask for may be completely different from what you had in mind.  Ordering in Italy can be very different from how one orders in their home country.

Moreover, there are certain food combinations which may be common in your country, but are “forbidden” in Italy.  One example of this is combining fish and cheese.

Sharing a pizza?  Cappuccino after dinner?  The double cheek kiss?  Learn about these things and more in this comical video showing some of the don’ts in Italy. It covers 14 things you shouldn’t do when visiting Italy and will even help learning Italian courtesy of Easy Italian

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