800ml of whipped cream already sweetened
14g of agar agar (natural gelling agent)
2 teaspoons of instant coffee
100g of dark or milk chocolate

20g of hazelnuts
2 tablespoons of cocoa
5 small plastic cups

1. Let’s start by preparing the chocolate panna cotta. In a saucepan pour about 400ml of cream and add about 7g of agar agar. We mix well and bring to a boil on the stove. When the cream boils, add the chocolate pieces.
2. We continue to mix until the chocolate is melted. We cover a baking pan (diameter 18cm) with baking paper and pour inside the first layer of chocolate panna cotta. Let it cool first at room temperature then one hour in the fridge.
3. After an hour of rest, when the chocolate cream has solidified we prepare the panna cotta with coffee. Pour 400ml of cream and 7g of agar agar into a small saucepan. We mix well and bring to a boil on the stove.
4. When the cream boils add the soluble coffee and continue to mix until it is well melted.

5. Return the panna cotta from the fridge and form the second layer of coffee. Let it cool for a few minutes at room temperature and then one hour in the fridge.

6. After the rest time we are ready for decoration! We will need 5 small plastic cups, those for coffee.
7. Place the glasses on top of the cake, taking care not to break it. Form a circle with the glasses.

8. Sprinkle with two tablespoons of cocoa. I recommend you cover the whole cake well.

9. Lift the glasses gently, a geometric decoration will form with a star in the center.

10. To complete the cake, fill the circles with the chopped hazelnuts! Gives the cake a crunchiness and extra goodness!

Video from youtube courtesy of Life & Chiara

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