The Best Lunch Stall in Florence’s Central Market – Nerbone

The Best Lunch Stall in Florence’s Central Market- ¬†Nerbone¬†

A stand-up lunch at Nerbone is something of a rite of passage into true Florentine dining.

Nerbone has been stuffing stall owners and market patrons with excellent Florentine cucina povera (“poor people’s food”) since the Mercato Centrale opened in 1874.

Nerbone occupies the corner stall inside the food market (itself a limitless supply of picnic goodies). Many market workers and other regulars wolf their food down standing at the bar; those without a stall to return to often stand there for an hour, nursing a small beer.

The menu is simple: trippa alla fiorentina (diced tripe stewed with tomatoes and sage), panino con bollito (a boiled meat sandwich that’s bagnato,dipped quickly into the bubbling vat before being handed over), pappa al pomodoro (a thick bread-and-tomato soup), or salsicce con patate (sausage atop a mound of boiled potatoes).

More leisurely diners try to grab one of the few tables set in an alcove across the corridor.

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Nerbone is really known for offering Lampredotto, but also sells other stand-out offerings. You pay first, then shift along to the right, where if you’ve ordered any of the meat sandwiches, you tell the somewhat grumpy server exactly what you want: Lampredotto vs Bollito, picante or pesto sauce, and one other choice that I’m forgetting now. (I suspect the dude gets grumpy since he’s serving noob tourists all day, so if you’re wise, pay attention to the questions to the previous customers and prepare your responses.)

To See Nerbone Sandwiches WATCH IT HERE

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