New Restrictions in Italy effective 10/26

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte signed a dpcm listing new restrictions in Italy effective 10/26.

Restaurants and bars must close daily at 6 pm. No more than 4 people who do not cohabit together can sit at the same table. After 6 pm it is not possible to consume food or drinks in public places. Home delivery and take out service is allowed up to midnight.

Gyms, theaters, cinemas, betting rooms, bingo halls, amusement arcades, casinos and any type of events are suspended.

Schools remain open but with modified classes for high school students.

Although not prohibited by the dpcm, the following recommendations are made:

A strong recommendation to avoid travel if not for proven reasons of work, study and health.

A recommendation not to host non-cohabitating people in private homes except as to necessity

Furthermore, it remains the obligation to use the masks also outdoors, with the recommendation to wear them also inside private homes in the presence of non-cohabiting people.

These new restrictions are effective until November 24th.

To read the official decree in Italian, click here.
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