English words that have different meanings in Italian

Some English words that have different meanings in Italian can be quite confusing to many, especially if you are a non native Italian speaker. It is easy to think you are following a conversation only to realize that these words have different meanings in Italian.

Once again, Manu from Learn Italian Made Easy created this video to help. The words will be repeated 3 times so you will hear the proper pronunciation and you have time so you can practice repeating them as well. Additionally, Manu will provide an explanation and a phrase showing how it is used in Italian.

Here are the English words you will learn and what they mean in Italian.

  • Fare Footing- Jogging
  • Shooting – photoshoot
  • Feeling – chemistry
  • Lo Smoking – tuxedo
  • Body -bodysuit or leotard
  • Gli slip- underwear or briefs
  • Il twin set – matching shirt and cardigan
  • Golf – sweater or hoodie
  • Box auto – garage
  • Box doccia Shower cubicle
  • Flipper – pinball
  • Mister – coach
  • Stage – internship
  • Fiction – tv series
  • Playback – lip syncing

Have a look at the below video for a proper explanation and to practice the pronunciation.

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