Crostata tiramisù

Crostata tiramisù

INGREDIENTS for a 28cm tart:

For the base: 2 eggs, 250 g flour, 150 g sugar, 70 ml of vegetable oil, 50 ml of milk, lemon peel, a pinch of salt, 1 teaspoon yeast , 60 ml of sweetened coffee to wet for the mascarpone cream: 2 yolks, 150g sugar, 400g of mascarpone, 150 ml of whipping cream, cocoa powder.



In a bowl break the eggs and work them together with sugar, oil, milk, lemon peel and a pinch of salt. Use a fork or a hand whisk.
Then add the flour, all at once, and the sifted yeast.
Spread the mixture into a 28 cm mold and level it carefully
Bake at 180 ° C  for 15 minutes
Then extract the base from the oven and let it cool before turning it over on a serving dish.
Prepare the mascarpone cream and start putting the sugar in water in a saucepan.
let the sugar dissolve until you get a syrup and wait for it to boil
When white bubble-bubbles form on the surface, remove from the heat. (the video will be useful in this passage).
In a bowl, work with an electric whisk the two yolks and with the whips in movement pour the syrup flush onto the yolks. In this way the yolks will be pasteurized.
Now add the mascarpone and continue to work with the whips until you get a cream.
Separately, whip the cream
Add the cream to the mascarpone cream.
Mix the ingredients well without disassembling the cream.
Wet the base of the tart with sweetened coffee.
Spread a small amount of mascarpone cream into the cavity of the base of the cake and spread it well
Put the mascarpone cream in a pastry bag and decorate the surface of the tart making tufts.
Sprinkle bitter cocoa powder.

Video courtesy of La cucina di Rita

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