Ullo Wine Purifier

Ullo Wine Purifier

Say goodbye to wine hangovers by getting rid of sulfites!

Sulfites are preservatives added to wine to prevent oxidation and maintain freshness. However, many people are sensitive to sulfites and claim sulfites cause headaches or wine hangovers. Since sulfites are no longer needed once the bottle is opened, why not get rid of them and avoid the headache associated with them!

Ollio is a wine purifier that removes sulfites and restores wine to its natural state. It can also be used to aerate wine. This device fits on a glass and is also sold as a decanter or carafe set.

More information here: Ullo

Here is a video that explains more about how this system works.

If you want to enjoy wine without the risk of a headache, give olio a try!

Purchase here: Ullo Wine Purifier

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