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Italian Phrases Quiz

Italian Phrases Quiz Here are some common Italian phrases that are used in the Italian language. ¬†Whether you are planning a trip to Italy or trying to learn the language, these phrases are good to know. ¬†Take the quiz and test your knowledge!   www.everybodylovestuscany.com

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Italian travel phrases

Italian travel phrases Here are some useful phrases that are commonly used at the airport, hotel and restaurant. The video also covers asking for directions and questions asked while shopping. JOIN US ON THE NEXT PAGE FOR THE VIDEO

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Italian lesson: Emergency Words & Phrases

Italian lesson: Emergency Words & Phrases Hopefully, you’ll never need to say these Emergency words & phrases in Italian but if you should find yourself in a little emergency while traveling in Italy, these will surely come in handy! With over 30 Italian words and phrases, you’ll learn how to ask for a doctor; call […]

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Five Phrases a Traveler Should Never Use

Five Phrases a Traveler Should Never Use “Speak clearly, if you speak at all; carve every word, before you let it fall,” said Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Thinking before you speak is an excellent strategy for anyone, but it’s especially appropriate for the traveling set. To fend off foot-in-mouth syndrome while on the road, banish […]

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Travel Italy – Common Italian Phrases

Travel Italy – Common Italian Phrases Common Italian greetings Buongiorno: Good morning. Usually said until 4pm. Buona sera: Good evening. Usually said after 4pm. Buona notte: Good night. Only used to say goodbye, it is usually said before parting ways after 10pm, or before going to sleep. Ciao: Hello or goodbye. A very informal greeting. […]

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