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TORTA PANNA COTTA 800ml of whipped cream already sweetened 14g of agar agar (natural gelling agent) 2 teaspoons of instant coffee 100g of dark or milk chocolate FOR DECORATION: 20g of hazelnuts 2 tablespoons of cocoa 5 small plastic cups 1. Let’s start by preparing the chocolate panna cotta. In a saucepan pour about 400ml […]

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Panna Prosciutto e Piselli Pasta

Panna Prosciutto e Piselli Pasta Ingredients: 2 C (or more!) Fun-shaped pasta (*this sauce recipe can be used for up to about 4 C of pasta) 3/4 C heavy cream 1/4 C whole milk 1/2 C cooked peas (fresh or frozen) 1/2 C sliced ham (prosciutto cotto) 1/4 tsp of Italian seasonings of your choice […]

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