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Orange Polenta Cake With Honey & Rosewater Syrup

This Orange Polenta Cake is moist and filled with fragrant flavors of honey and spiced sweet orange. For the cake: Butter, for greasing 8 green cardamom pods 225g ground almonds 100g polenta 1 heaped tsp baking powder 225g caster sugar 225g butter, softened 3 large eggs Grated zest of 3 large oranges 1 tsp vanilla […]

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Italian Pistachio-Orange Biscotti

Italian Pistachio-Orange Biscotti INGREDIENTS: YIELD: about 30 cookies                  4 eggs 3/4 cup (150 gr) of sugar 4 oz (115 gr) of unsalted butter 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract zest of 1 orange 1/2 teaspoon of salt 2⅔ cups (400 gr) of all-purpose flour 2 teaspoons of baking […]

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Torta all’arancia

Torta all’arancia Torta all’arancia ingredients 3 eggs 150 grams of sugar 70 ml of sunflower oil 120 ml of orange juice 1 orange zest 300 grams of flour 16 grams of baking powder powdered sugar for topping JOIN US ON THE NEXT PAGE FOR THE INSTRUCTIONS AND VIDEO

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Biscotti all’arancia

Biscotti all’arancia Biscotti all’arancia Ingredients 100 grams of butter at room temperature 100 grams of sugar 1 egg zest of 1 orange 50 ml orange juice pinch of salt 300 grams of flour 8 grams of baking powder sugar and icing sugar to coat JOIN US ON THE NEXT PAGE FOR THE VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS

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