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Italian Slang Quiz

Everyday sayings in Italian are good to know and we’ve posted a few videos so you can learn some Italian Slang. Now it’s time to test your knowledge in this Italian Slang Quiz Don’t forget to comment with your score on Facebook and share with your friends to challenge them too!

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Round 3 – Italian Slang Words

Here is Round 3 of Italian Slang words! Italian Slang words are commonly used in everyday Italian just like the slang words used in other languages. Slang is an informal part of speech that consists of a word or phrase. Italian slang as in slang in other languages is more common in speech than formal […]

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Round 2 – Italian Slang words

Here is Round 2 of Italian Slang words! Italian Slang words are not always easy to understand but are commonly used in the real world of using the Italian language. Although not usually covered in formal Italian classes, this video by Italian for Americans has got you covered so you know the meaning when you hear these […]

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