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Arrabbiata Garlic Chicken with Potatoes

Arrabiata Garlic Chicken is a complete meal adding the potatoes. Recipe courtesy of Recipe 30 Ingredients 3 medium size chicken breasts 8 medium size kipfler or small waxy potatoes 1 glass or cup of dry white wine 2 cans – 28oz – 800g of peeled tomatoes 3 cloves of garlic 1 tsp oregano 4 tablespoons […]

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Garlic Soup Italian style with crispy croutons

Garlic Soup Italian style is a satisfying soup with great flavor. Try it when you are sick too to fight your under the weather feeling. And, don’t forget the crispy croutons! Recipe courtesy of Recipe 30 Ingredients 2 medium potatoes 1 brown onion 1 large leek 2 whole small heads of garlic (2oz – 60g […]

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How to Make Garlic Knots

How to Make Garlic Knots Garlic knots are a good addition to any meal and so simple to make.  It is also fun to make with your kids. Join us on the next page for the video recipe

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