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Easter eggs of Italy

Easter eggs of Italy Chocolate Easter eggs are an important part of celebrating Easter in Italy.  Perugina best known for Baci, the famous kiss, produces millions of chocolate eggs that are sent all over the world.  This video shows a look at their factory and and the surprise gifts the eggs contain. Some eggs produced […]

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Pizza Rustica

Pizza Rustica Pizza Rustica is an Italian classic Easter Pie. INGREDIENTS: 2 (1lb) balls of pizza dough (store bought or home made) 2 lbs of whole milk ricotta 4 eggs beaten 8 ounces of shredded romano cheese 8 ounces of fresh mozarella 8 ounces of dry italian pepporoni 8 ounces of soppressata 8 ounces of […]

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Scoppio del Carro

Scoppio del Carro Scoppio del carro or explosion of the cart is an annual Easter tradition in Florence.  The cart is pulled by a pair of oxen through the streets to the front of the cathedral in Piazza del Duomo.  The cart is rigged with fireworks and is a spectacular show for the enormous crowd. […]

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