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Easter eggs of Italy

Easter eggs of Italy Chocolate Easter eggs are an important part of celebrating Easter in Italy.  Perugina best known for Baci, the famous kiss, produces millions of chocolate eggs that are sent all over the world.  This video shows a look at their factory and and the surprise gifts the eggs contain. Some eggs produced […]

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How many meanings can Baci Perugina have?

How many meanings can Baci Perugina have? Very cute spot on the unlimited ways Baci Perugina can be used in every day life. From a decoration to an unspoken word that sends meaning, Baci Perugina adds a special touch to the moment. Video from youtube Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest […]

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BACI PERUGINA Reimbelli has developed a signature ganache that uses olive oil instead of dairy cream to create an ethereal taste experience. The result delivers extraordinary chocolate flavor and a show-stopping velvety texture. “Chocolate & olive oil are Italy’s most popular culinary exports and using two of its finest brands, Perugina and Colavita, I’ve been […]

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Baci Pizza

Baci Pizza In 1907, a tiny workshop in Central Perugia was busy making sugared almonds. But that tiny workshop became bigger than its four walls when Perugina’s founders, Giovanni Buitoni and Luisa Spagnoli, made a chocolate confection that could only have been conjured up by two star-crossed lovers. On Valentine’s Day in 1922, inspired by […]

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