Sales in Italy

Sales in Italy

Sales in Italy only occur once in the winter and once in the summer.  Unlike the U.S., wherein stores advertise sales quite often during the year, Italy limits the sales to twice a year.  However, the sales in Italy will last for approximately 2 months!  Yes, 2 months!  This is the time the locals stock up on all the items they have been eyeing during the season.  Of course, if the store still has it or the proper size once the sale starts.

Items that go on sale are basically EVERYTHING!  Clothes, shoes, accessories, household items, you name it!  This is really the time to purchase gifts for others and hold them until a birthday or celebration.  Of course, it is also the time to treat yourself!


The winter sale begins in January, usually within the first week of the new year.  This allows the shop owners to receive full price on the items purchased for Christmas.

The summer sale begins in early July which is a busy season for tourists who might not know about these special sales.  Now that you know, make sure you save room in your suitcase to bring home.

Look for the word Saldi which means sales in windows of shops.  Some shops even display the percentage off that is offered during the sale.  And, towards the end of the sales period, the percentage may drop even further!  I’m not one to hold out until the end if I find something I absolutely must have, but some people wait until the latter part of the sales period for the best prices.

A site where you can check the dates for the sales all over Italy is here.  Each region in Italy may have slightly different dates for the sales so it is best to check the site.

Now that you know these sales periods, make sure you save room in your suitcase to bring home your reduced priced treasures during your next trip to Italy!


Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life – Anna Akhmatova

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