Guide to Buses and Taxis in Florence

Guide to Buses and Taxis in Florence

Most of the major sites can be easily walked to in Florence, but if it is late at night or you prefer a ride,  there are a wealth of taxis and buses to bring you to your destination.  Contrary to this video, some taxis now accept credit cards but cash is preferred.  Taxi stands can be found in major piazzas or by calling 055 4390 or 055 4242.

Bus tickets cost 1.20 Euro and can be easily purchased at most tabacchi shops.  The ticket must be validated by stamping it in the yellow machine on the bus upon entry or you may be faced with a fine.  Each ticket is valid for 90 minutes which begins at the time the ticket is stamped.  This means you can transfer buses or use the same ticket for a return ride home as long as your trip is completed within 90 minutes.

When entering the bus, the front or rear doors are most commonly used while the middle door is left for exiting the bus.  Bus timetables are usually listed at the individual stops or you can also use the ATAF website here or app.

Here is a guide to taxis and buses in Florence.

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