Gelato dessert creations

If you’re looking for some different and tasty options using ice cream, look no further than these gelato dessert creations.

Everybody loves gelato and these ideas make great presentations. Not only are they easy to make, they will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

In the below video by De Gustibus, you will find 5 different gelato dessert creations:

chocolate cake filled with gelato


1 chocolate cake


4-6 vanilla ice cream balls

cookie sandwich filled with gelato


2 cookies

1 pack of vanilla ice cream

Strawberry sauce

gelato spaghetti


tool- masher

5-6 vanilla ice cream balls

4-5 cc of strawberry sauce

3-4 Ferrero Rocher

White chocolate

gelato cake

8-10 strawberry ice cream balls

8-10 pistachio ice cream balls

8-10 balls of blueberry ice cream

M & M’s

gelato waffle cake -video recipe

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