These filled potato panzerotti are made without frying and without oil. This being such, it gives you the excuse to eat more of them!

The potato panzerotti can be filled with many different things according to your liking, but in this video courtesy of RapaNello, they are filled with cheese and ham. Some other options in addition to cheese and ham to get your creative juices going could be ricotta, sautéed mushrooms, eggplant, spinach, salami and much more!

These potato panzerotti are cooked in a non stick pan to avoid any oil. They are perfect for lunch, served at buffet parties and a grab and go snack any time of day.

Ingredients for 8 potato panzerotti

500 grams of warm boiled potatoes

50 grams of starch or cornstarch

20 grams of parmesan cheese



1 egg


To make these potato panzerotti, boil 3 potatoes and, just warm, mash them with the potato masher. add the cheese, the starch, an egg, salt, nutmeg and create a dough, if it is sticky add starch or corn starch. Divide the dough of the panzerotti into 8 equal parts and create discs of equal thickness 8-10 centimeters in diameter. Put the filling you prefer, cheese, ricotta ham, courgettes or sautéed mushrooms, provided the filling is dry. Close the panzerotti as in the video. Cook in the pan with a lid without oil for 12 minutes on the first side and another 5 on the second side.

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