Crostata doppia al limone or double lemon tart is simply delicious!

The shortcrust pastry and lemon cream makes this crostata doppia al limone a perfect dessert or to keep on hand for an any time of day treat.

This recipe courtesy of Tutti a Tavolo for crostata doppia al limone is one you must try!


300 g flour

100 g Butter or margarine

2 eggs

80 g sugar

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 lemon

500 g Lemon Pastry Cream (see ingredients below)

Icing sugar almonds

Lemon Cream Ingredients – To watch a video of the lemon cream being made, click here.

2 Egg yolks

450 g Milk

80 g Sugar

35 g Cornstarch

1 Lemon

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