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Italian Salami & Sausage Making

Italian Salami & Sausage Making Does this scene look familiar to anyone?  Nonni making salami and sausage!  Does it bring back memories for you?  Enjoy this cute video! JOIN US ON THE NEXT PAGE FOR THE VIDEO

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Italian Cured Meats

Italian Cured Meats There are many cured meats in Italy. These meats include but are not limited to Capicola; Prosciutto; Soppressata; Finocchiona; Speck; and Pancetta. Take a look at the size of these meats in the photos which were taken at La Fiera di Scandicci. Which is your favorite? [cycloneslider id=”4680″] Italy is a dream […]

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Bocconcini Balls

Bocconcini Balls Think small mouthfuls of fried cheese balls! Pass it around as an horderves and the platter will be gone in no time. This will surely be a party favorite and something the kids will also enjoy! Here is a video by Italian American celebrity chef Buddy Valastro demonstrating how to cook these bocconcini […]

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Homemade Italian Capocollo & Soppressata

Homemade Italian Capocollo & Soppressata Capocollo (in the United States, cappicola, coppa in Canada, capicollo or capicolla), or coppa, is a traditional Italian pork cold cut(salume) made from the dry-cured muscle running from the neck to the 4th or 5th rib of the pork shoulder or neck. This cold cut is sometimes called coppa. The name capocollo comes from capo (“head”) and collo (“neck”) of a pig. It is a whole muscle salume, dry cured and, typically, […]

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Making Capocollo in 5 minutes

Making Capocollo in 5 minutes In its production, Capocollo is first lightly seasoned often with red and sometimes white wine, garlic, and a variety of herbs and spices that differ depending on region. The meat is then salted (and was traditionally massaged) and stuffed into a natural casing, and hung for up to six months […]

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Aperitivo Time

Aperitivo Time Restaurants in Italy do not open until about 7:30 so there are no early bird dinners.  However, there is aperitivo time!   Many bars in Italy offer free food when you purchase an aperitivo during this pre-dinner time.  Some bars have a whole buffet of snacks available that guests can help themselves to […]

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