20 Italian FALSE FRIENDS not to be trusted..

20 Italian FALSE FRIENDS not to be trusted..

There are many words in languages that may look or sound similar to a word in a different language.  This causes confusion because one might think they know the meaning but it is quite different in the other language.

Do you know the real meaning of the below words? Here are the words used in the video:

• Attualmente
• Caldo
• Camera
• Casino
• Comprensivo
• Confetti
• Crudo
• Educazione
• Eventualmente
• Fabbrica
• Fastidioso
• Fattoria
• Gentile
• Libreria
• Morbido
• Noioso
• Parente
• Preservativo
• Pretendere
• Rumore
• Sensibile
• Simpatico

Video courtesy of Marco in a box

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